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Herzlich Willkommen

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In our this years project week 27 of us 10th graders had the chance to go to the Language Farm to experience a week full of speaking English all day and enjoying five young counsellors from Texas, Australia, England and Ireland, who guided us through the week. First we were really excited and not that sure if we could understand everything… But it soon turned out to be a great adventure which showed us that our skills were good enough to communicate spontaneously and to have lots and lots and lots of fun!!!

Our first day started at the train station in Halle. We went to Hausen, a tiny little settlement near Arnstadt in Thuringia, where the Language Farm is located.
There we were welcomed by two of our counsellors, Mike and Ronan, who walked with us to the farm. We got new English names of popular English singers, e.g. Shakira or Rihanna. After that we brought our luggage to the rooms.
They were divided into three parts: in the first part there were a big bed, a sink, a window and a wardrobe; in the second part there were a bed, a big shelf and a bunk bed; in the third part we had a bathroom.
After unpacking everything we had a tour around the farm and got to know the rules that were told us by the counsellors. Some of the rules were: always speak English; always have fun; simply enjoy being on the farm!
Then we had a very delicious lunch with pasta, meat sauce and fresh salad. Later we searched out our project: Top of the Pops with Georgia; Acroyoga with Francie; Ultimate Dance Party Revolution with Kiki; Comic Book with Ronan or Camp Craft with Mike. Georgia is from Australia and has been living in Germany for 4 years. Francie and Ronan come from Ireland. Kiki is from the USA and Mike from England. After having chosen our projects we were selected into five small language groups. In every group was one of the counsellors, who cared about us. Soon we started working on our theater plays which we wanted to present on Thursday evening. We also did trust games in three bigger groups to build a bond between the counsellors and us, which worked out perfectly.
At the end of the day we all enjoyed a BBQ dinner after our evening circle. The motto for the first day was Theres a first time for everything. Every day we had a morning and an evening circle. We had to analyze the mottos and search for examples for them. During these circles we held hands and closed our eyes to relax for one minute. Before we went to our rooms to sleep we sat at the fireside and sang songs. It was a great first day.
(Annika Leistner, Tilla Hanitzsch, Alina Jummrich, Gina Hause, Caro Adam)

Its so easy to laugh, its so easy to hate, but it takes strength to be gentle and kind.
This was the saying of the second day on the Language Farm.
It was USA Day, so Kiki, our counsellor from Texas, showed us her country in a very funny and interesting way during the cultural presentation. We learned a lot about the people there and even tried out doing line dance, which was a great and of course funny experience for all of us.
Then Kiki explained the rules of playing Baseball. We all tried it and were surprised about how much fun it is to hit a ball, drop the bat, start running and try to hit the base finally. The end of the game saw all of us as winners because its one of the basic rules on the farm: there are only winners.
Today we also played basketball and had a lot of fun in our little language groups, where we worked on our contributions to the farm highlight on Thursday, when we all want to present our theater plays, songs, comics, artistic performances, and dances.
The day ended at the campfire where we sang nice songs with Georgia, our Australian girl.
(Max Kohl, Nico Hofmann, Steven Marzian, Timo Richter)

Our third day on the language farm started, as usual, with the morning circle at eight o clock. Today our English counsellor Mike told us the saying of the day: There are many paths to the top of the mountain.
It was his turn because this day was England Day, therefore he also prepared us a typical English breakfast, including scrambled eggs, baked beans, and buttered toast. First I had my doubts due to the fact that Id never eaten something like beans for breakfast before, but I got really surprised at how delicious it was. Im sure everyone liked it a lot.
Like every other day, we had our fixed Small Language Group – and Project Group meetings in between, while the activities variated. With England as our daily theme, Cricket was the first activity of the day. While we were playing, another group was cooking some tasty Shepards Pie for lunch, supervised by Franzie.
For dinner, Mikes language group made an English dish called Murry Curry, which was mostly loved, but some of us were really upset by the fact that it was cooked without meat. But we soon learned that meals on the farm are pretty much vegetarian…While Mikes people were cooking the others were either playing baseball or making bracelets as a quiet activity to relax.
The highlight of the day was the movie night, when we enjoyed the Cool Runnings. It tells the story of a group of Jamaicans becoming a bobsleigh team with the dream of participating in the Olympics.
At the end of the evening we all went to our rooms, satisfied with how great the day turned out, and somewhen fell asleep.
(Maya Reeb)

This day was our Australia day. As usual we started with the morning circle. The saying of this day was from the movie which we watched the evening before: If you are not enough without a gold medal you wont be enough with one.
After breakfast we had to do our duties like every day (collecting firewood, doing the dishes, wiping the floors). Today we didnt have much time to practice our theater plays from the small language groups or our projects because at about 12 we started our hike to the forest. After an hour of walking in the heat of the sun we reached a place where we could have some sandwiches for lunch. After that we played capture the flag three times, which included a lot of running and hiding but it was a lot of fun for all of us. Even the rainy intermezzo could not spoil our fun.
Back home on the farm we had some free time. In the evening each small language group and project group showed their results of working and exercising the whole week. We started with the presentation of the theater plays from the small language groups. Each group did a very good job. It was amazing to see how much everyone of us had improved during the farm week.
Then we presented our projects. The comic group started and we all liked the different comics very much. Afterwards the yoga group performed. We were all very excited about their physical excellence. When the dance group started to move none of us could stay seated for long and the dance floor was quickly full. To close the evening the singing group presented their own, fantastic song at the fireside.
(Tim Kürschner and friends)

Friday was our last day on the Language Farm. We were very sad to have to leave our caregivers so soon as we have grown together in this short time like a family.
But before saying good bye we could learn some things about Ireland as Ronan and Francie informed us about the history of their country and sang an Irish song with us.
The last hours together were very emotional and made the farewell rather difficult.
We took a lot of wonderful beautiful pictures together and said goodbye to our counsellors in a final farewell circle.
The fact that we almost missed our train because the farewell was so hard shows us how we felt on the Language Farm. It was a wonderful yet knowledge enriching time we will never forget.
Every student who is given the chance to experience the Language Farm project should take it. By just talking about it you cannot describe how challenging, how breathtaking, how widening- your- horizon, how simply perfect this week was. Thanks for this experience.
(Magda Marschner & friends)